Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Beet Powder

Beets are great! Why? They are good for you! They have lots of vitamins and minerals and many uses. So what is beet powder and how do you use it?

What it is 

Beet powder is made from dried beets and is ground up to a fine powder. Mine isn't as fine,but it works.

How to use it

You can use it in smoothies or shakes for a nice boost. My favorite way to use it is as a natural dye.
Just add it straight or put it in your wet ingredients
and let it soak. Keep adding more to get the desired color. Just remember this is different from store bought dyes.

 DIY Beet Powder

 What you'll need:
Choose how many beets you want. I used scrap peelings from the outside.
A dehydrator or oven
jar or container to store it in

Slice your beets thin or make sure the peelings are thin enough. (Not all of mine were thin)
Spread them in a pan or in your dehydrator so that they are not in pile.
Follow the instruction with your dehydrator or use your oven on the lowest temp.
Check on them and when they are crunchy take
them out.*See note below*
Let cool then run through food processor till fine.
Put in jar or container and voila!

Some of mine got crunchy before other pieces so I took them out and finished what was left.
Make sure that they completely crunchy and there is no moisture or it will mold in the jar.
Don't put in jar while hot or mold will set up from moisture.

I had just a tiny bit soaking to see how it is.