Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Favorite Paleo Camping Recipes

So recently I went camping. Yes...winter camping. We have a camper though...thank goodness... Obviously I had to track down some recipes for the trip. I wanted some that you usually had when you went camping. With Paleo there is sooo many recipes! Some people think we don't eat anything and yet I don't know why. We get the privilege of having food that is as good as the bad stuff, but it doesn't make you sick or feel guilty. So here is this great list!

                                            My Favorite Paleo Camping Recipes

                                                       Maria Mind Body Health's No Bake Energy Bars
                        I didn't do the chocolate topping on this, but it still tasted great! Remember to soak nuts overnight!

                                                   I love this recipe because you can flavor it how you like!

                                                         Salt and Vinegar Almonds by Shay Mitch Blog

                                                                      Marshmallows by Keto Diet App
                                              I didn't do the chocolate topping on these, but they were great!
                                                      These aren't campfire friendly, but they do melt!

                                                  Homemade Graham Crackers by All Day I Dream About Food
                                     I just did the normal paleo subs for these. I didn't have molasses so I managed.
                                                      I think these were my favorite out of all recipes!

These aren't ones I got to try, but I will in the future. Not all of these are paleo, but you can make the regular subs for them.

I thought these would be cool to try!

These use peanut butter, but you could use another paleo friendly nut butter.

That's all! I hope you enjoyed this list! These aren't all the recipes I saw that would be great for camping, but maybe I will make a second list one day! (>-<)/

Here is my camping board on Pinterest!

What is your favorite recipe out of this list? What is your favorite thing about camping? Have you ever been camping in cold weather?

Let me know below!!