About Me

Ever since I was born I have always had allergy problems.It seemed like everything I came in contact with I had some kind of reaction.One minute I would be fine,then I would be swelling up or projectile vomiting.My parents had tried different baby formulas,but I had problems with each one they tried.I had always had problems with eating and it seemed like I was always sick.I had seen several doctors about it and had tests run,but yet no answers.We had taken dairy,eggs,and any other possibility away.One day I was told by a pediatrician that I may have a gluten allergy.I had a symptoms of Celiac Disease,so they did blood work.It come back negative,but they said they wouldn't know unless they did a biopsy or scope.He recommended to just go on the diet and see if it works.So there went the gluten.Oh...my gluten!
It worked,but I thought it was the end of the world.Yes,I liked not being sick,but no one really cared what they ate around me and no one really supported me.I cheated a lot so I never really got better.I ate a lot of the processed gluten free products which didn't help.I got back on gluten and I didn't care.I ate junk food all the time and lots of sugar too.After being sick for a few more years I decided that I really needed to listen.I felt horrible and so weak.I gradually took away and in the process found more allergies of mine.I feel a million times better.I think that when you go gluten free you just have to think positive and find a balance.

I am trying to make this blog to help people,my family,and my friends to learn more about how I eat.It is to see that I am not sick as some people put it and so they can try the recipes for themselves.Please keep in mind that this is the first time I have ever done anything like this,so I am still trying to get the hang of it!It's strange and crazy at the moment,but it will take some time.Please bear with me....Now let's get to eating!

Thank you for reading!