Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gluten Free Low Carb Flour Mix

So far I am testing my own gluten free flour mix.It also happens to be low carb friendly.I have only tried it in one recipe as of now.I was surprised it actually worked!(I will post the recipe soon!) It is fit to my needs with my allergies.If it works well in lots of recipes then I will be able to consider it all-purpose.I hope it works well in more recipes to come,but here is what is in it and about it.

If you would like to know what these go to the resources section here.

Almond Flour

The almond flour is the main ingredient in this mix.I use the almond flour because it is great for you and it's moist and if you treat it right it makes some great baked goods.

Coconut Flour
The coconut flour tones the almond flour down.It adds some fluff,but keeps the almond flour from being to moist to the point it just crumbles.The almond flour is coconut flour's best friend.The almond flour keeps it from being to dry and the coconut flour keeps the almond flour from being to moist.Perfect!

Ground Flax Meal

You can use golden or brown flax.I use brown.Just make sure you grind up enough whole ones yourself or buy it already ground.This adds some fiber to this flour mix,so this may help you if you have problems.(Haha!It did I my mom!)

Mung Bean Starch
This one is the most odd ingredient.They use mung bean starch in Korean cooking.They use it to make a kinda gel like pasta stuff.It's jello basically.You just can't use too much.My mom tried to make a gravy with it and well jelly gravy...I thought if I would use a little it would hold the goods together.

Xanthan Gum

If you bake gluten free you probably have heard of this one.It is a binder.I love it! It makes
everything come together,even sauces.Xanthan gum helps to keep the goods from being to crumbly.

Now to the mix!

Gluten Free Low Carb Paleo Flour Mix

It would be best to use a kitchen scale in this so it is precise!

Digital Kitchen Scale
Bowl to mix or mix in container
Container to store flour in


140 grams Almond Flour
70 grams Coconut Flour
70 grams Ground Flax Golden or Brown
10 grams Mung Bean Starch
10 grams Xanthan Gum

Measure out one ingredient at a time on scale and add to bowl or container to mix.Mix thoroughly
then store in container.I store mine in the freezer and this makes somewhere around 2 cups.

For the recipe I put in 9 servings,so this is what it gave me.Here is the nutrition facts for 33 grams worth: